About Aarsh Foundation

Taking forward the philosophy of our Rishi-Munis of living in a symphony with our environment, “AARSH” is a seminal initiative to bring harmony and balance in our lives by channelizing the energy flow in our body.

With holistic health and healing at the core of our philosophy, we came together to form Aarsh Holistic Healing Foundation in 2021 for enhancement of quality of life and overall health and well-being of people with the use of sustainable holistic/ alternate approach towards wellness.

Our Mission

Through the use of a sustainable holistic approach towards wellness, we at Aarsh strive to propagate the significance of holistic health and healing to better manage lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic depression and anxiety. Aarsh is our effort to help people transform their lifestyle with healthy food habits, yoga, meditation, naturopathy, and other wellness initiatives improving their quality of life.

By being in resonance with your own self as well as with the environs is key to building harmony and balance in one’s life. At Aarsh we focus on nurturing the vital energy force which is inherent within us and restores the natural balance and flow of energy across the body, mind, and the soul. The basic philosophy of holistic health and healing is to ensure that our body, mind, and soul are in complete synchronization with each other as well as with the surroundings we live in. The focus is therefore to maintain the energy balance through diet, nutrition, physical and mental exercises, meditation, and sustainable living environments.