Mindful Living means being in the moment that involves paying focused attention in an open as well as non-judgmental way to the present. Mindful Living is intentional and not at all accidental, which means fully alive in the present moment and choosing to be there. It is the awareness of one’s own self where thoughts, feelings and sensations are openly allowed into the field of one’s awareness. It’s unlike forced concentration but a subtle and soft focus on one’s breath or steps or eating or any other engaging activity.

Mindful Living also means being non-judgmental and thinking critically about the happenings in one’s life. There is no intentional thinking but only observing the thoughts which come naturally. The basic premise of mindfulness is simply to be present in the moment as it unfolds naturally and with clarity of what it is.

Mindful Living is all about holding the life with the highest level of appreciation and value knowing the fact one is not going to live forever. The awareness and awe of how amazing and beautiful life can be makes one value every moment making the most of life. Living with the spirit of mindful awareness in everyday life makes one compassionate and open towards everyone and life in general.

Practicing mindful living leads to reduced stress and anxiety, health improvements, mental wellbeing, flexibility and adaptability and gratitude in life. Mindful living also helps in development of a compassionate self that leads to high focus, clarity in thoughts, deep insights, unconditional love, and infinite joy.

Mindful living involves simplifying life practices by slowing, stopping, restful, calming, healing, and identifying the source of true joy and happiness. It is filtering out things and possessions that are not important and create a negative impact to the environment and overall well being. 

At Aarsh, we encourage the individuals to cultivate deep gratitude and thankfulness for life and discover the true source of their beingness by guiding them towards their purpose and meaning in life and nurture a limitless sense of their presence.