[trx_block align=”left” title=”Our Services” description=”With the focus to propagate concept of holistic health through adoption of Vedic practices, we at AARSH offer a wide range of services. The services we offer involve a complete spectrum of Holistic Healing from consulting (individual and organisations), research and development (in house and for others), to training and workshops.

Each one of our services are meant to bring transformations both at individual level and also at society by large.”][/trx_block]

[trx_block align=”left” title=”Consultancy” description=”We offer consulting services to guide and navigate individuals and organisations for transformations to bring balance and harmony in their lives. The consulting services offered by us will basically help one take charge of their lives and work on their bioenergy makeover.”][/trx_block]
[trx_block align=”left” title=”Research and Development” description=”Aarsh fundamentals are drawn deeply from extensive research and development into ancient Vedic living practices as well as contemporary scientific approaches towards complete wellness. We conduct research and development not just for our inhouse programmes we extend the learning and knowledge services to individuals and organisations who are looking to adopt our mantra of E5.”][/trx_block]
[trx_block align=”left” title=”Training” description=”Aarsh offers short term as well as long term training programmes in Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Naturopathy, Conscious Eating and Mindful Eating. The training courses are participatory, focusing on learning through experimentation and experience.”][/trx_block]
[trx_block align=”left” title=”Workshops” description=”Workshops and Seminars provide the platform to connect and share experience. We at Aarsh organise workshops and seminars to discuss and deliberate on the Vedic Lifestyle and how through Yoga, Mediation, Naturopathy, Energy Healing, Conscious Eating and Mindful Living once can create a sustainable harmonized and balanced lifestyle that is in tune with our nature and surroundings.”][/trx_block]
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